First of all, thanks for reading or at least skimming this as I believe there are hundreds of thousands, millions even of blogs on and lucky you – you’re here!

Who knows where this blog will lead, or if it will lead anywhere.  I did try to start a blog once after having watched Bridget Jones’ Diary and got myself all worked up with a journalistic approach.  I had 3 posts.  That was around 2 years ago and no body would have wanted to read about what I was doing then, it wasn’t overly interesting.  It still isn’t, don’t get any ideas but I like to think that someone will read this and go ‘ooOOoo’.

I’ll introduce myself – I am Amy, a self taught make up artist specialising in nothing.  You want your make up done? I’m your gal!  I have been working for make up companies in department stores since 2012 and been working freelance about the same length of time.  I have never been happier in my work than what I am now.  As my domain name suggests, I am a self confessed makeup and cosmetics junkie (I had to add an extra e when I started my Instagram which I actually like now, it made me realise I am not the only cosmetics junkie out there so i’ll have to offer something different than the average beauty guru).

In my spare time I tend to lock myself away in my beauty room and play with makeup and try to push myself out of my nudes loving comfort zone.  It’s starting to work!  I think i’ll aim this blog at women/men who are looking for the newest beauty trends because let’s be real, there aren’t enough trend blogs out there 😐

I will however, try not to become a typical make up artist who drones on about the same make up looks and same God damn Kardashian make up style.  As much as I can’t stand when someone asks to have their make up done like one of the K Clan, I can’t help but think ‘Dammit, this does look good.’

Anyway, here’s a picture of me – a MUA (pronounced. mooah), which also stands for Made Up Acronym.



Til next time,

@cosmeticsjunkiee x

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