It’s Okay To Wear The Same Outfit Twice

How many times have you been getting ready for a night out or special occasion and said to yourself ‘aw, I can’t wear that I wore it last time’?  Well, so what?  So what if you bought a top that you wore out for drinks last week and you want to wear it again?  When did there become such a stigma about recycling outfits because God forbid, you post on instagram a similar picture twice?

When I was younger and the only thing we did every weekend was go out and drink, I would have spent my week’s earnings on a new outfit.  Every.  Single.  Week.  To then wear it once, probably spill drink down and then never wear it again or donate them.  While donating clothes is an excellent thing, spending hard earned money to wear something once is not.

This was okay when I was younger as I didn’t know any better and I had money of my own that I earned for the first time.  I had to spend it as soon a I received it.  I wish someone has explained to me that I should buy items that I can re wear and jazz up with accessories to get the most from the clothing that I am buying.

unnamed (3)

What I am trying to explain is that it is okay to wear the same outfit more than once.  In fact it’s okay to wear it multiple times!  I am not saying that you need to wear something until it’s falling apart but don’t just disregard something because you have already worn it.  There can be such negativity involving wearing clothes more than once.  Especially when social media is involved and if you are a regular poster, there can be pressure to put out new content that is interesting to your followers.

I have been trying to be a little smarter with what I have been purchasing recently as I want to buy things that I can easily spice up and alter with accessories to create an entirely new outfit.  Yes, I am well aware that this is not a new insight, I haven’t stumbled upon a revelation but something that I never really would have bothered to do before.  So expect to see a few more ‘struggling to find things to wear’ posts until I figure out how to nicely accessorize all my looks but being at the Belfast Fashion Week Press Launch has kickstarted my inspiration for accessorising so let’s see what I end up with for this season!  Watch this space…

(If you haven’t already you can read my Belfast Fashion Week Press Launch post here)


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