Make Up Trends SS18

January is well and truly over, let’s all breathe a sigh of relief and celebrate by taking a look at the up and coming trends in Make Up for Spring/Summer 2018.  Some of the trends are not anything new, some trends are wildly out of your everyday comfort zone and some trends are so easy that even those who aren’t make up gurus can master.

Read on for my favourites from the trends, and shop my favourite products to recreate.

Bullet Is Back

I for one, am extremely happy that the liquid lipstick trend is fading fast.  My lips have been cracked and dry for too long now that a year of intense creamy application is exactly what I need.  Even the liquid lipstick Queens of the beauty world are swapping out the sponge applicators to the creamy bullets.  From Kylie Cosmetics favouring their newest range of hard lipsticks to the iconic Kat Von D relaunching her Studded Kiss lipstick bullet collection.  Move over liquid lipstick.




I’m here to tell you guys, glitter isn’t going anywhere.  You may get used to particles of glitter being permanently ingrained in so many of your other make up products (and your carpet…)

As seen on a variety of models at an ecclectic mix of fashion shows for SS18, glitter is everywhere.  At Anna Sui for example, Pat McGrath took to using turquoise shimmer glitter down the centre of the lid.  So it’s a little less airy fairy glitter and a little more grunge glitter is what we will be seeing more of come Spring /Summer.  My favourite glitters right now are that from Helen-E and Make Up For Ever.  Both brands are leading the way in terms of glitter – Head to Helen E for your chunkier glitters and Make Up For Ever for the Diamond Powders for a beautiful shimmering effect.  Nikkietutorials herself was first on the ball mentioning them in her Hits and Oh God No’s video 2 years ago!



Liner Everything

Panic not people!  If you aren’t the most comfortable with your eyeliner then this could be the trend for you as it would seem the more OTT and the more grungy the better.  We have come on leaps and bounds since the oh so seemingly simple winged liner.  We have now developed into graphic liner territory, a look which seems terrifying but can be extremely fun to create.  Sarah Tanno (Lady Gaga’s MUA) created a rounded graphic liner for Gaga at the start of her Joanne Tour and not long after Pat McGrath created a similar look to make it’s way on to Tom Ford SS18 Show.  As intense as these looks were some designers restrained and took a more natural approach by placing coloured liners under the eye to keep it wearable.  My advice is have a little browse on the internet or through your Instagram feed to get some inspo, and get creating.



Natural ‘Supermodel’ Skin

To be honest, we say this every year.  This will be the year of fresh, glowing skin.  This will be the year of no caked foundation.  This will not be the year, even for what the trends may suggest.  As a Make Up Artist I guarantee that every ‘Saturday Night Make Up’ I do will be based on photograph I’ve been shown from an account like Plouise or Stacey Marie MUA on Instagram.  As amazing as these accounts are (and as fun as these looks are to do) and their artistry skills are insane, accounts like these have changed the way younger girls see their faces and their make ups.  Since when did it become acceptable to wear a full  blown glitter cut crease to go to the shop to buy bread and milk?  Anyway, what I am trying to say is that this year is the year we should embrace our natural skins and let a little more of ourselves show.

Oilier skins rejoice as the desired look is seriously glowing, sweat like skin.  Invest in some glowing hydrating skin base products this year to give your skin that happy, healthy glow.  You will also start to see the decline of the strong intense highlighter… Not sure if I am happy with this one, as I have to confess… the more the better with me.  It’s like a drug, I can’t put my Make Up For Ever Artist Face Color H-106 down.  It’s like gorgeous, shiny melted butter.



Estee Lauder Doublewear Nude

Make Up For Ever Highlighter

Make Up For Ever Liquid Illuminator

So there you are guys, my top picks from the top trends of SS18, let me know what your favourite make up trends are and which ones you are excited play with!










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