You Should Go And Love Yourself

Straight from the mouth of Justin Bieber himself, ‘you should go and love yourself.’


Let’s start with what it would mean for YOU, as you are the most important person to yourself, or at least you should be.  Always look after number one and unfortunately it took me a very long time to realise that.  To me, there is nothing more upsetting than someone who doesn’t like themselves or has issues regarding something to do with them as I know how it feels and I know how it weighs you down.  I’m not saying that it’s always a depression state of mind, but feeling like this can affect how you act and whether you do certain things.

It’s okay to tell yourself that you’re beautiful, that you believe in yourself and that you love yourself.  That you love your stretch marks, they make you you.  That you love your crooked teeth, they make you you.  That you don’t tan naturally and you are the kind of girl that sits smothered in SPF 50 under an umbrella on holidays, that makes you you.  That you have a birth mark, that makes you you – the list goes on.

Every single thing about you you should learn to accept them and I swear to you as soon as you do, your life will take form and you will see everything in a new light.  For myself, I learned to love the positive and the negative things about me because as I said that is what makes me me.  I had to learn how to take the good with the bad and accept it all for who I am and learn to be okay with it.  Once I believed that I loved myself and accepted myself for who I am, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of confidence wash over me that made me feel like I could do anything – I’m telling you, super empowering stuff.


I am not saying that it’s The Law of Attraction or anything, but I can’t help but feel that when I changed my opinion on myself that my life took a little turn around for the best.  I mean really changed my opinion, not just waking up one day and saying ‘Yep, I am fabulous! Show me what you got world?’  So if you are feeling a little down on yourself I urge you to take a second look.  Then take a third look and truly see how beautiful you are and I promise you, you will notice change in yourself and your life.

I am curious to what others think about this as I am aware it may come across a little on the hippy side which is not what I intended.  Do you like yourself, love yourself?  Do you walk around with confidence in yourself?  Don’t get me wrong, I am not painfully optimistic and positive or anything and don’t mean to shove it at you.  I just think that confidence is key and the key to confidence is LOVE YOURSELF.

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PS. when I say love yourself, I don’t mean become a big headed, vain narcissist!