H&M New In Favourite Picks

It has been a hotter than hot minute since I wrote a blog post however I am back, back, back again and this time I am bringing you my top current favourites from H&M. As a plus size gal (Size 16) I really struggle to find good, affordable brands that cater to my size. H&M are fantastic for this and I feel like it’s really important to celebrate brands that are more size inclusive.

I have always loved shopping in H&M ever since my Mum used to drag me in there. I shop in there for work staples and transitional pieces and I must say, in recent years it really has become one of the best places to shop. I used to wear things and never see it on someone but now I see items I have been looking at or purchased on so many people on social media. Some people get annoyed by this but I’m not going to lie, I love it! I get to see how others style the items and I get major inspo.

Anyway, I have been browsing the site and there are so many lovely pieces that I just had to share my favourites and rather than bombard my Instagram Stories I thought I would link them below. I would say however that if you like the look of something then snap it up quick as NOTHING lasts on that website!!! Also, I am a neutrals love so I am sorry if there are no bright colours in here! If you’re more of a visual type and prefer to see some of the below pieces in action you can check out a Reel I did over Instagram by clicking HERE and see some of the pieces I snapped up!

Disclaimer The below links are affiliate links which mean I make a small commission if you purchase using the link I have provided.


Large Collared Blouse, £17.99 <– Shop Here

So I got a top very similar to this however I wish I had gotten this one as it’s a little higher in the neck and longer so would have been a bit more flattering on me! I loves these large collars, they’re so fun. Perfect for casual wear or for pairing with some faux leather trousers and some heels! You can’t have too many crisp white tops!

Wide Blouse ‘Black’, £12.99 <– Shop Here

There is something so flattering about a plain black top like this one. I am obsessed with high collars and the detail at the cuffs make it look a little more expensive. I love that work from home style (lockdown life) and this top is perfect for that! Whether it’s tucked into a skirt or a pair of trousers you’ll be ready for the boardroom!

Denim Shirt Jacket, £24.99 <– Shop Here

I audibly gasped when I seen this shirt. I had a denim shirt like this about 20 years ago and I absolutely loved it. The young B*Witched fan in me would be thrilled that I am still interested in denim shirts. There’s something so comforting about this look and it would look great as shown here with blue denim jeans or personally, I wouldn’t mind a pair of crisp white jeans to make it look a bit fresher for Spring!

Shoulder Pad Sweatshirt, £12.99 <– Shop Here

I have bought this already, I definitely bough it in a size too big so if you are between sizes I would maybe recommend sizing down as the shoulder pads look a little overwhelming on me! I love the style of this though and it just elevates a classic sweatshirt! I love all the colours it comes in but thought I would get more wear out of the white!

Fine Knit Jumper, £17.99 <– Shop Here

I keep trying to buy this and it keeps going out of stock! Hopefully it stays in stock long enough for me to get to payday! I love thinner knits and I especially love a stripe pattern. It’s so easy to wear and I would love this on its own with some cute jeans or paired with nice trousers and blazer.

Fluffy Jumper, £19.99 <– Shop Here

Okay listen, does it look like a pyjama top? Yes. Am I mad at it? Hell no. It is somewhat around upon or looked down on for leaving your house with your pyjamas on so if this is as close as I can get to a soft, fluffy, warm pyjama top then you best believe I am wearing it!


Tailored Trousers ‘Greige’, £24.99 <– Shop Here

Not only am I obsessed with the colour (I am having a real Greige moment) but I just love the fit of these trousers! I had to size up quite a few sizes for this one (Usually do with H&M trousers – anyone else? I had to get a 20! I am a 14/16 usually)

Crease Leg Trousers ‘Beige’, £19.99 <– Shop Here

I know, I know – another beige pair of trousers BUT these ones are more affordable than the previous ones and slightly different colour. I haven’t ordered these but they are very high on my wishlist.

Crease Leg Trousers ‘Black’, £19.99 <– Shop Here

You simply cannot curate a wardrobe and not have a pair of black trousers in there. At least I can’t. They go with EVERYTHING. I very rarely wear jeans, they just aren’t for me and I hate that restricted feeling I get when I wear them so these are a much comfier option! They always look great, with no matter what you’re wearing them with. Love, love, love.

Slim Mom High Ankle Jeans, £19.99 <– Shop Here

I know I said I don’t wear jeans a lot BUT I love this style of jean. I have a blue pair of jeans in this style and again I had to size up by 2/3 sizes! I have a tricky body shop to fit so that’s probably not going to be the case for everyone. Anyway, jeans are a classic wardrobe choice.

Faux Leather Trousers ‘Light Beige’, £19.99 <– Shop Here

These trousers are some of my favourite trousers that I have bought for a long time, So much so that I also bought them in black (below). As someone who is curvier it can be so different to get faux leather style trousers that a) are suitable enough for casual day to day wear and b) that don’t enhance my already huge ass. I love them!

Faux Leather Trousers ‘Black’, £19.99 <– Shop Here

Same message as before really, as I said I had to have them in both colours as I love them so much! They’re a great length too – I am pretty small (just under 5 foot) and so they look like normal trouser length on me – unlike in the photo where they are mire ankle grazer! So just bare that in mind if you’re ordering!

Slit Front Skirt, £29.99 <– Shop Here

Don’t own it, yet. I love skirts, especially coming into Spring/Summer. Don’t get me wrong your gal still has to wear cycling shorts underneath #chafe but I just think this skirt is such a lovely style. I see myself wearing it for day drinks… remember when you could do that? Again, lockdown life.

Imitation Leather Shorts, £24.99 <– Shop Here

If you have seen me in real life you will know that I have got quite the ass. Believe me, it’s not from doing hundreds of squats – it’s from eating lots of pizza. But for that reason I have NEVER been able to find shorts that are long enough that actually cover my damn cheeks and that don’t cut off my circulation when I sit down. These shorts are a great length – not too long either, can’t be making myself look even more disproportioned! Love em!


Calf Length Dress ‘Light Beige/Zebra Print’, £19.99 <– Shop Here

I mean, it’s just a really nice dress isn’t it? I haven’t bough it as I know it won’t fit my shape, I will look like Bag For Life. However, if you are someone who has been graced with height and doesn’t need to worry about where a waistline on a dress is then be my guest, I bet you’ll love this!

Crêpe Dress With Ties ‘Light Beige/Floral’, £24.99 <– Shop Here

I mean, what a sweet little dress! I love dresses like this as it would look cute with tights or bare legs making it the perfect Spring transition piece.


Knitted Cardigan, £19.99 <– Shop Here

I just love a good cardy. I very rarely wear ones like this outside of the house but this cardigan has been on me nearly everyday since I got it while chilling about the house. It’s super soft and so comfy!

Dressy Cardigan, £39.99 <– Shop Here

I can’t decide if I prefer the white cardigan with black details or the black cardigan with white details. You can check out the-black one online but I am just infatuated with these cardigans. I’ve got Chanel on a dime vibes! Definitely quite pricey for a cardigan but it just looks so luxe!

Rib Knit Cardigan, £17.99 <– Shop Here

Another cardigan because why not? I love this shorter style of cardigan, great for throwing on! I am hoping that during the long summer evenings it’s going to be warm enough to get away with just wearing something like this over a cute dress or with jeans and a strappy top!

Long Jacket ‘Beige/Brown Checked’, £34.99 <– Shop Here

This is at the top of my Wishlist however, if I buy another blazer I think Joel might flip. I mean, we are supposed to be saving for a house. BUT, look how nice it looks? I love the longer style!

Oversized Jacket ‘Black’, £24.99 <– Shop Here

I live in a black blazer, similar to black trousers I feel like a black blazer (and a tan/camel blazer let’s be honest) are essential in your wardrobe. There’s nothing I love more than blue jeans, white tee, black blazer and some mules paired with a bright ass red/pink lipstick. This is just one way to wear, there are honestly infinite ways to wear a black blazer! This one is a steal at £24.99!

Double-Breasted Jacket ‘Dark Grey/Green’, £34.99 <– Shop Here

Yes, I do have a slight addiction to blazers but meet my latest addition. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure about this when it arrived but as soon as I paired it with the faux leather leggings above I was obsessed. I don’t own a lot of grey, I really am just that boring that my wardrobe consists of nude, white, black and more nude. This for me is a pop of colour!

Short Coat ‘Beige Marl’, £39.99 <– Shop Here

Size. Down. I got my normal size and it was huge! I am waiting on my refund coming in so I can buy my actual size! If you like it a touch oversized then stick to your normal size but as someone short and plus size I needed it bang on. I love the colour of this, it does come in two others! I like that it’s short, every other coat I have seen with this belted style has been long. Plus, short coats are great for Spring!


Chunky-Soled Loafers, £24.99 <– Shop Here

Move over Prada (Deceased at how many people the Prada ones when I posted on my stories. Like, you guys CAME for me in my stories. Sorry not sorry I loved them.). I just love these. I hate wearing boots all the time and these are such a great option for clunky black shoes. I would say the opinion will be divided on these but they beat the £715 price tag of the Prada Loafers.

Platform Boots ‘Beige’, £29.99 <– Shop Here

I love them. Simple.

Mules, ‘Black’ & ‘Beige’, £24.99 <– Shop Here

So it’s been lockdown however, the end is in sight and the thought of wearing heels again makes my chest feel tight. Like, I am not ready for that commitment. Enter Mules. I want them in both colours. The heel height on theses are great, so your feet hopefully won’t get too sore if like me you’re worried! They go with everything too. Can’t wait to get these are try them out.


Bucket Hat ‘Light Beige’, £7.99 <– Shop Here

Another item that will probably divide opinion however, I love it. Plus, not to sound like a 5 year old but my head burns really easily in summer so having a super cute hat like this will keep my scalp from turning pink for 6 months. It also comes in black and I am tempted to get both,

Short Necklace, £6.99 <– Shop Here

I never take this damn necklace off. I wear a lot of high neck tops and I love this thicker chain to add a little bling to my outfits.

Okay, so those are my top choices for what’s in H&M at the minute! I love every piece and the ones that I haven’t bought already I will be buying once payday comes – if they’re still there!

Hope to bring you more blogs soon, I honestly forgot how much fun they are!

Don’t forget you can follow me over on Instagram at @amysaavage and YouTube too where I try to post a video every week!

Let me know if you pick up any items from this list – or if there is something I have missed that you know I would love!

A x

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