Note Cosmetics Review

One Friday evening after work I trudged home and coming through my door, it got stuck on something.  Now if you live in Belfast you can imagine my thoughts when I thought someone has shoved a paper through my door and I HUFFED and sighed and turned the light on.  To my surprise there lay a beautiful little pink box, which Joel had left on the floor – good of him.  Inside the box was an array of fab Note Cosmetics products.

NOTE Cosmetics for those of you who don’t know, is a brand with products that are 

       Enriched with essential oils and vitamins


       Environmentally friendly

       Dermatologically Tested

       Never tested on animals

So if  you are an animal lover then you will be pleased to see that last one!  Not only all of these things, but the products are extremely affordable.  NOTE is available in selected pharmacies but if there aren’t any near you online is as good as anything.

Luminous Moisturising Foundation SPF15 Shade 5, £7.95

The first product I opened was this beautiful foundation – as soon as I opened the box I had to dig straight into the products and get them on my face!  As well as protecting your skin with SPF15, this foundation also contains Macademia Oil and Sweet Almond Oil.  Due to these ingredients the foundation leaves your skin highly moisturised.  The foundation itself is classed as luminous and I agree having worn it for a few days now.  There are eight shades available in the range and hopefully the brand comes out with more shades soon!

My Thoughts

I love it.  I am a very snobby foundation person and so it can be difficult for me to find one that I am not only willing to try but actually will go as far as writing about it.  I have dry/combination skin and this foundation is honestly long lasting.  I put it on yesterday for example at 7.30am and it was still looking flawless at 7pm that evening albeit a little on the shiny side – not hard when it’s a luminous finish.  I have tried the foundation with and without powder and to be honest the finish is much the same, so if you are someone who doesn’t like a  lot of product you could probably hold off on the powder.

I was SO surprised at the level of coverage this foundation gave me as it felt very thin and lightweight as it came out of the tube.  I would class it as medium to full but you can definitely build on it for a fuller coverage.  The shade I received was perfect to match with my tan which was great but I haven’t seen any of the other colours, hopefully you’ll be able to get one that matches you.

unnamed (7)

Full Coverage Stick Concealer Shade 3, £5.50

This concealer is designed for all skin types and any age range and has a very creamy consistency to help hide any nasties that need concealing.  Containing Argan Oil and Soy Protein this helps to protect the eye area of free radicals and environmental factors.  The soya protein also helps strengthen the skins structure by increasing collagenous and hyaluronic acid level.  I know right?  SO much more than just a concealer…

My Thoughts

Again, pleasantly surprised by this product.  After an incident with a Rimmel Concealer Stick when I was younger I thought I had sworn them of for good.  It wasn’t a good look for me when I was younger as I just waved it all over my face including on my lips and I thought I was great.  It seems I have learned a little bit about make up in the 20 years since that point and actually know what to do with the stick concealer.  I tried the concealer under my eyes but unfortunately it creased a little too much for my sad tired eyes but I thought it was amazing for spot concealing.  It now has a permanent position in my hand  bag for emergencies blemishes! 

The coverage itself is amazing and even covers my little red veins around my nose and a seriously red blemish that has popped up courtesy of TOM.  Ladies, you know.  Even though I couldn’t use it around my eyes doesn’t mean that you can’t so if you do try this product then let me know your uses for it!

Mineral Blusher Shade 101, £10.95

A magical blush with a cocktail of ingrediants from Coral Seaweed to Vitamin E allows the blush to leave the skin with a natural healthy glow.  It’s a silky, fine blusher that gives a very light finish which is perfect for those who don’t want to end up looking like Aunt Sally.

My Thoughts

The blusher applies like a dream without looking powdery and dry.  A little luminosity comes off it which is again perfect for my dryer skin.  There isn’t much to say about blushers but this one gets my vote and I spy a nice peachier shade online that i’ll probably buy now too… 

unnamed (8)

Precision Eyeliner, £7.95

An eyeliner pen that is designed to give precise application with no muss no fuss, perfect for those that like a bright black line.  The liquid formula sets very quickly to leave a waterproof finish that should last all day.  

My Thoughts

Obsessed.  This is a brilliant liner, it’s very hard to find a liner that can leave you with a mistake proof finish but here you go… found it!  The liner itself is a thin formula which is good for no cracking lines!  Try to avoid going over and over your line as this will lead your liner to being too thick and will therefore crack and not last as long.

I love my NOTE Cosmetics products and can’t wait to try more in the future.  Leave me a comment or send me a message to let me know whether you have tried any NOTE Products yourself!







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