The Ordinary Foundation Review

Isn’t it the dream for your new favourite foundation to cost less than a Starbucks order?  Well, if you are lucky enough like me then this morning you found it.  Yesterday I received my fabulous brown cardboard box from Beauty Bay and inside I was so happy to see a foundation that I have wanted to try for ages.  Sometimes, it just takes you ages to get around to testing something new, especially a foundation.

First of all, a little bit of background on The Ordinary.  I have used this brand for awhile now but have only used the skincare.  The Ordinary is a brand owned by DECEIM and focus on ‘advanced functional beauty.’  The brand contains a vast collection of effective skincare and makeup with breakthrough technologies and a holistic honest approach.  The brand should appeal to all especially considering DECIEM does not test on animals and does not pay others to do so.

The foundation stands at £5.95 for 30ml which compared to even the likes of Rimmel, Maybelline, L’oreal and other drug store brands  is definitely one of the cheapest.  Price point aside I know the reason people tend to stay away from drug store products are the restricted colour range but with The Ordinary there are 21 Shades available that cater to all skin undertones whether there are pink, yellow and neutral.  I purchased the shade Light 1.2Y on a whim as I normally pick pale yellow based shades and there is a pretty good description on each shade on the Beauty Bay website.

unnamed (2).jpg

I love the packaging on The Ordinary products as again, even for the price of it the boxes look so sleek.  The skincare comes in beautiful white boxes and the foundation comes in sultry black packaging.  Breaking into the box (more like ripping into because I was so excited) I pulled out a gorgeous bottle of foundation.  Thankfully, I read the instructions first as you have to shake before use – otherwise I would have had a runny mess on a my face!


The foundation applied like a dream, needing very little it covered my whole face.  When testing out foundations I always use my trusty Real Techniques Expert Face Brush and this allowed this foundation to give me an even, full coverage foundation.  Normally with even my full coverage foundations I find I always have to take 2 pumps to get proper coverage but I needed so little of this foundation in comparison.  So this foundation is going to last me quite a long time!


Finish & Wear

I had thought it was going to be a matte finish but I was presently surprised to find that it was more semi-matte as I’m not a fan of totally matte foundations.  I put it on this morning at 7am and it’s still on looking as perfect as when I first put it on and I’ve had a bit of a mental day. It hasn’t got any shinier like my makeup normally does and with my dry ass skin the foundation doesn’t gather towards any dry patches.  The foundation didn’t sit in my lines or crease up anywhere either so this foundation is really ticking all the boxes for me.  WINNING.


One thing that never really gets mentioned when talking about foundations is how easy or difficult they are to get off.  So having just removed the foundation it was so easy to take off compared to how many pads I go through with my other foundations.  There’s nothing I hate more than having to spend ages (and loads of product) on removing a face of makeup.  I used my Estee Lauder Take It Away Make Up Remover like normal and it did an amazing job of taking it off.

*Fear not if full coverage isn’t for you then there’s a more natural coverage foundation available by The Ordinary.  Will definitely be trying this one next! – The Ordinary Serum Foundation*

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    • I’ve been wanting to try this foundation for AGES! So happy I’ve finally got it. Yes, I love the brand and even though the brand has had some negative press, it doesn’t change how amazing the products are! Thanks for reading xxx

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